New album out September 26th

My new album will be released September 26th. Right now I’m waiting for it to arrive from the record plant. The album will simply be titled “LB”. Maybe a glimpse of my diminishing imagination or maybe a way to challenge yours.

The songs were recorded almost exactly a year ago in a studio here in Stockholm. My friend Tobias Fröberg produced and helped me make it into something that I’m awfully proud of. I can honestly say that I think it’s the best record I’ve made up to this day. But then again I guess that almost every artist would say that about their latest work.

Anyway I think that Tobias’s made a fantastic job with the production and it was a true joy working with him. He has really made this album sound different from anything else I’ve done sound wise.

I’ve always been fortunate to work with exceptional musicians and this time I’ve had the best band ever backing me I think. Anders Pettersson: Pedal-steel and guitars, Magnus Olsson: Drums, Rikard Lidhamn: Bass and Mikael Nilzén: keyboards. Country-queen Sharon Vaughn also helped me out on a couple of tracks as well as my talented friend Christian Kjellvander and The Thousand Dollar Playboys bass-man Björn Eriksson.

The album contains 11 tracks. Ten of them I’ve written, the remaining one is a cover of “Dark Globe” written by one of my biggest heroes Syd Barrett.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned.