New single!

Today we’re releasing the first single from my album Dark Companion. The song  We’re not about to fall apart is out now!

Listen here:

A taste of what’s to come…

Here’s a video from last summer’s concert in Sörfjärden (where I have my summer house), together with Emma Ahlberg Ek and Daniel Ek. The song Blood is featured on my upcoming album Dark Companion.

The Hole nominated for the Manifest award

The video for The Hole has been nominated for the prestigious Swedish Manifest award.

The Hole nominated for Grammy

We’re very happy and proud to announce that director Emil Gustafsson-Ryderup and his video for Lars’ song The Hole has been nominated for a swedish grammy. Check out the other nominees HERE! 

LB – European Release

Look out Europa, sad songs coming your way!

I’m very happy to announce the forthcoming European release of LB, by the German record label Westpark Music. The album is coming out in Britain on Monday and in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux on Nov 29.



The Hole music video

Today I’m releasing my brand new video for The Hole. The video is directed and animated by Emil Gustafsson Ryderup. Enjoy!

Lars Bygdén in Stockholm on 2013-01-23

Lars Bygdén in Mariefred on 2013-02-09

Lars Bygdén in Uppsala on 2013-02-02


” With ‘LB’ Lars Bygdén makes his strongest album yet”
Pierre Hellqvist, Sonic – 8/10
”Swedish  americana doesn’t get any better”
Markus Larsson, Aftonbladet
 ”Bygdén’s true expression seems to have fallen into place and the album holds all the way through”
Skivan har fått betyget 4
”Lars Bygdén has for long been an artist that not so many have heard about, but with the new realese ”LB”, chances are that a bigger audience will hear about him.”
Skivan har fått betyget 4

”I appreciate artists that with obvious effort moves their music a little bit upward for every record. Lars Bygdén is one of them”, Göteborgs-Posten

Skivan har fått betyget 4

 ”For long Lars Bygdén have mostly been a concern for a spare crowd, but now I wonder if the breakthrough on a wider scale is bound to come. Because LB is by far the best Lars have done, both melody- and lyric wise.”

Sundsvalls Tidning

Skivan har fått betyget 4

”Epic loneliness  and fragile chords of divorce.”
Skivan har fått betyget 4


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