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1 The Confusions - Possession(Fandén,Lindenbaum) Listen to Real Audio Excerpt

After leaving Vacum Cathrine Fandén formed Dockhuset - one of the darkest band in the local pophistory, that also did create a buzz nationally. We were a bit surprised that The popsters in The Confusions fell for this song but now we are convinced. They have made a brilliant version with both groove and power. In the beginning you can also hear a sample from the Dockhuset demotape "Fishcirkus" as a small tribute.

Mikael Andersson-Knut - vocals, guitar, Henrik Svensson - guitar, Zarah Edström - keyboards, Magnus Thorsell - bass, Mattias Löfström - drums.

Originally from a maxiEP, Mass M-31, Dockhuset - Shadowplay, released 1986.