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[former guitarplayer of LHS]


It is now the 10th year for LHS as a band. For me that has truly ment a lot. From have started the band back in 91 til have once again been on stage with LHS last summer. Its hard to describe in words but well worth a try.

A couple of weeks before that gig Erik called and asked: "- It would be fun if you joined us on 'reasons' when we play at 'Gatufesten', what do you say?"
Well, what to say? Im in...

Mariana introduced me on stage and when I started to play the intro to 'Reasons' I felt at home again. I looked at the others and saw the smiles on their faces. They had as much fun as I.
One song became three and I enjoyed every second of the atmosphere on the stage and from the crowd.
Some of those who where there said that I looked very happy and I think I know what they ment.

So for you - Erik, Peter, Mariana and Janne - even though Im not with the band anymore youre in my heart and will allways be there.

Peace and Love :-)


See pictures from the gig.