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The new album is out - TROUGH THE MOURNING WOODS - available on all digital platforms. It features the bands line up from the Fevered album!!

The 1993 version of Left Hand Solution will play live!
Kicki Höjertz, Joakim Mårdstam, Peter Selin and Erik Barthold will play the Destroyer Club's The Kristet Utseende celebration night at the 23rd of October at Aveny in Sundsvall. The band will play TKU-covers and some old LHS stuff as Pastor Fahlberg was the band first vocalist.
Check it out at http://www.clubdestroyer.se

And suddely a small movement...maybe some LHS happenings in 2009?

And there was silence... and Janne and Erik toured with TKU

And there was silence... and Janne and Erik toured with TKU

And there was silence... and Janne and Erik toured with TKU

New recordings delayed. Since the extremely successful reunion of THE KRISTET UTSEENDE which today includes two members of LHS the recording of new material have been delayed until 2006. Check out the TKU-hysteria and the fall tour at Click here


Pictures from Light Shines Black release party has been uploaded. Click here to see them.


New guestbook up! To much spam and a lost password made us change guestbook. Please write a note to us!

We have moved all of entries to the new book although the dates seems a bit strange and one or two entries may have been lost.

Bio updated. Robert Bergius have joined the band as their new permanent bassplayer.

More links and reviews on the contact page.

New links and reviews is up on the contact page.

A lot of new links and reviews is up on the contact page. We have also found some old LHS-demos and put them up at Massproduktion webshop

Now you can order all LHS-records and T-shirts at the Massproduktion webshop

See the pictures from the releaseparty of Shadowdance remastered at sundsvall.nu

Releaseparty Shadowdance Remastered.
The remastered version of Shadowdance is out in Sweden on the 26:th of May. We will celebrate that with a releaseparty at Skeppsbrokällaren in Sundsvall on the 24:th of May. The 1993 version of LEFT HAND SOLUTION will appear on stage.

Even more new links up on the contact page.

More interviews and reviews. Don't miss!

Lots of new links up on the contact page.

More LHS-pages, interviews and reviews. Check it out!

Back from the States!
Look at the pics ("bilder" in Swedish) from the US and Canadian tour. And if you understand Swedish you can read the tourdiary.
To the tourpages at sundsvall.nu

Left Hand Solution is confirmed for their first US gigs. 10:th of March at CBGB's in New York and 15:th of March at The Red Room, SXSW in Austin, Texas. They will also do a TV Show in Montreal, Canada on the 13:th of March.

Left Hand Solution is confirmed for Summer Breeze festival in Abtsgmünd, near Stuttgart in Germany. The festival is on 22-24:th of August 2002. More tourdates to follow.

Left Hand Solution will play Germany and Denmark for the first time. Check more gigs at the Massproduktion Gig Guide. Some new links is up on the contact page. Among them a nice interview with Peter Selin.

A couple of new LHS Wallpapers for download.


LHS release party tonight in Sundsvall at the rockclub 'Pipeline'. Left Hand will perform live on stage.


The new album - Light Shines Black - now scheduled for release on the 19th of February 2001 for Scandinavia!

Former LHS guitarplayer Joakim Mardstam´s comments about last years gig on 'Sundsvalls Gatufest'. Read it and see the pictures!


We have published an Artist Information Survey of the band. Read the interview.

The pictures section has been updated! See photos from a gig last summer featuring a very special guest...

We´ve had lots of requests for a banner, so if you want to link this website there´s now 2 fresh banners in the "information" area.
Please feel free to use either one of them!


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