Every single footstep
Every word that I have said
Every action that have made me who I am
Everything you taught me
Every drink and every time I meant to call you

Every tear at Christmas
Every summer at the cabin
Every morning when I missed the bus to school
Every time I cursed you
Every time I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings

[ref] Thought I’d say something
Though I know it’s too late to start over
You’ll soon be gone and I’ll be here
But I figure we got nothing left to lose
Thought I’d say something
Though the past times will always remind us
I’m waiting for you halfway down the trail
It’s not much but it is all that I can do

Every wrong expression
Every sorry never said
Every foolish pride that had to stay intact
Every good intention
All the chances that I had to say I love you

Everything we’d hoped for
That lay right before our feet
Every hesitation that came in between
Everything that scared us was the thing
that probably would have made us happy

Every word I wrote
And every song I made in blue
Every feeling that my heart cried out for you
Every note I played
were just fumbling ways to say how much I need you