Maria of my foolish youth
Maria high-school queen
You caused me many sleepless Maria

A face of pure perfection
A soaring teenage dream
I knew right then that I just had to get you

I chased you through the summer nights
‘Til I got left behind
I chased you down to hell and back
I nearly lost my mind

But just as I caught up with you
You took another turn
And I never saw your face until today

[ref] Oh Maria, you wouldn’t think I have known you
But once I tried to show you
How I felt deep inside of my heart
Oh Maria, the world around us keep changing
You’re the one thing remaining
Trapped in a prison of youth
But you’ll grow older to
You’ll grow older to

The time we put between us
Made me think that you had changed
But the years hadn’t caught up with you Maria

I looked in to your eyes
And you said, “I’m doing fine”
You didn’t give me any reason to believe you

I had heard the rumors
Just didn’t want them to be true
You were meant for something greater
But in my heart I knew

So I leave you here Maria
In this park under this tree
Where you spent so many years trying to forget