Well it’s that smoke running through my mind.
And now I see so clearly all the things no longer mine.
It’s that pain I can not feel.
But it sure knows how to hurt me, it just won’t let go of me.

It’s that smoke running through my mind.
I know I’ve got to leave my whole life behind me.
It’s this room inside my head.
It has me trapped forever, it holds me in it’s web.

I’ve been looking’ for a love. I thought I’d found it.
But now I’m facing all the troubled parts of me.
With my eyes inside the dark I’m staring blankly.
I just can’t get released, imprisoned by myself.

It never stops, it never will.
A seed is planted in my head, its strength you can not kill.
Well I have changed and so have you.
Nothing that you say is absolutely true.

If your looking for the truth you’ll never find it.
’Cause your senses never will let go of you.
Reality is a fake. I’ve looked behind it.
I’m caught behind the scene. And death won’t set me free.

Lars Bygdén: Vocals
Björn Eriksson: Upright Bass