The first time Rosie saw the light.
A time that no one could remember.
Her mama lived to hear her cries.
Time would start and time would stop.

When Rosie was a little girl.
She used to hide inside the closet.
Dream away into a world,
where no one else could make a difference.

When Rosie cried there was no one by her side.
No one to help her through the pain.
Rosie cried ’til the early morning light.
Made sadness and sorrow into her only friends.

Lars Bygdén: Lead Vocals, Acoustic guitars
Jens Höglin: Drums, triangle
Anders Bergman: Acoustic guitar
Gotte Ringqvist: Backing Vocals
Björn Eriksson: Upright bass, Backing Vocals
Klas Ullerstam: Accordion