Another lonely morning
Another sleepless night
Outside the leaves are falling
And I am not alright

I wish that I was dreaming
That I was still in bed
The point of no return approaching
A bullet’s coming for your head

Scandinavia’s falling
Scandinavia’s coming down
No one listens when I’m calling
Now Scandinavia’s finally coming down

I read your lips when you are dreaming
I read your mind when you’re awake
Does it really matter
is there something worth to save?
Are some things worth to save

The end is drawing nearer
Our chances growing slim
Still your conscience getting clearer
with each and every sin

LB – vox, acoustic guitar & ebow
Mikael Nilzén – keyboards & electric guitars
Rikard Lidhamn – bass
Magnus Olsson – drums
Emma Ahlberg Ek – strings

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