Here Comes the Sadness

Looking through your photographs
Summer days and frozen laughs
And you

Long before the darkness fell
Sings they were so neatly veiled

In my mind I’m back again
My life is still in your hands
I wish I didn’t know what I know now

[Ref]Here comes the sadness
Will anybody miss you when you’re gone?
Here comes the bad days
Helplessly forever on your own
Here comes the regrets
The ones that you just couldn’t leave alone
Here comes the sadness chasing in your footsteps ‘til you’re gone

Restless heart so filled with fear
A life in ultra rapid gear
And I’m paralyzed

I watch my life from outer space
Watching it all go to waste

Once my mind was swift and clear
Now I am just barely here
Pushing further down into the mine


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