Go Your Own Way

Mama come quickly I’m fading away
I am of no use anymore
Mama come quickly, please mama explain
Were in this world I belong

Go your own way, go your own way
I need your direction, I’m lost and it’s late
Go your own way, go your own way
I’m bound for the gutter
You’d better pray

Papa come see me I’ve made a mistake
I’ve lived just to lessen the pain
I’ve run from my future I’ve run from my past
I’ve run from becoming a man

Go your own way go, your own way
I’m trying to change but I don’t have the faith
Go your own way go, your own way
The hole in here inside me the price that I pay

Brother and sister you’ll listen to me
We share something simple and true
Keeping the secret and hiding the truth
I’d be lost if it wasn’t for you

LB – vox, acoustic guitar
Mikael Nilzén – keyboards
Emma Ahlberg Ek – strings & backing vox
Rikard Lidhamn – bass
Magnus Olsson – drums & vibraphone
Staffan Johansson – electric guitars

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