Dark Companion

The Dark Companion holds my hand
Through the summer and the rain
Her intentions are unknown
And I try to understand
Why she follows me around
Tracing every move I make
Claiming acre after acre of my land

And she keeps me wide awake
Through the warm and drizzly nights
Puts her spell on me
Twisting my insides
I try to look away
But her face is all around
She’ll be here tonight until the end of time

Nobody knows
We’re all alone
Nobody sees
She lives in me

The Dark Companion took my hand
Sometime many years ago
I took her for a friend
Now we both are getting old
I’m not asking her to leave
I just want us to make peace
I just need her in a place
where my soul can be at ease

Constantly her voice
Challenges my beliefs
Whispers in my ears
Twists reality
I’m calling out to her
But she gives me no reply
Just watching as my life is drifting by

Nobody knows
We’re all alone
Nobody sees
She lives in me
Please set her free

LB – vox & acoustic guitar
Mikael Nilzén – keyboards
Emma Ahlberg Ek – strings
Daniel Ek – harp guitar

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